Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gold Ribbon

Science fair update- Dane earned a gold ribbon in his campus science fair and advanced to the Austin Regional Science Fair to be held on Feb 22.
 What Dane is most proud of (and he asked me to get a photo of) is the scores on the judges sheet. You see, a perfect score is 47. Dane received a 47 and a 46 from his two judges. That gives him an average of 46.5. He is so excited about that. :-)
Nice work, Dane! And here I thought his project was too simple to go far. Humpf!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


For Xmas, Ed and I gave Clark and Mason a certificate to IFly, an indoor sky diving arena. They were flipped out excited and thrilled to get the chance to go.

Before you can fly, you have to go to a training class. After the class, you can suit up.

 When the flying sessions begin, you are seated in a closed in area with access in and out of the wind tunnel. It isn't a great photo but you get the idea.
 First up, Mason!
It is all about balance and body position. 
My boys picked it up quickly with the help of the instructor.
 Clark's turn!
Up, up and away, Clark!
 Here are photos the IFly camera took. I bought a few in case mine didn't turn out too hot.
 The coolest thing happens at the end of your fly time. The instructor links up with the flier and takes them spinning to the top of the wind tunnel. He took my boys up 3 times each. So fun!
 Clark and Mason absolutely loved IFly! 
They can hardly wait to go back again!
(Next time Dane will participate. :-)

Campus Science Fair

Science Fair was mandatory for 5th grade this year. Dane chose a project that answered the question, "Which brand of vanilla ice cream melts fastest." A project he can learn from and eat afterwards- bonus!

As yearbook photographer, I was able to be in the cafeteria during judging. (I shot 234 pics that day between judging pics and class project pics.)

 These photos are of Dane meeting with his judges. I love that he is being animated and talking to them instead of to the board. Even his classmate, Kristin, is listening. My fav pic is that last one. What ever he said made the judges laugh!

I was also taking photos of the class projects along with the students who would present it to the judges on behalf of the class. It just so happens that Dane, Celeste, and Isabelle were Ms. Husmann's class presenters.
 We don't have results yet but I will post here if Dane's melting project advances to the regional science fair.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Oma's 99th birthday!

Happy 99th birthday, O'ma!!!

We had lunch at Red Lobster in San Marcos, on January 2nd, O'ma's actual birth date! A pleasure to celebrate with my grandmother and family on her special day!
 Family pic!
 Looking forward to the big 100 next year!

Friday, January 10, 2014


Santa brought us tickets for the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert the day after Christmas. It was Dane's first rock concert ever and Ed's first time seeing TSO. And what a concert it was! We had great seats for what turned out to be a fantastic light show and a rocking music event!

All these pics were taken with Ed's phone camera. Not too bad, huh?

The audience is listening and bathed in green lights!
Singer Nathan James is AMAZING!! Goosebump beautiful!
Look him up on YouTube and give him a listen.
What do you think Dane?
Rock on!

Xmas Morning

Christmas morning didn't come so early this year. We were awakened and notified that Santa had left presents around 9:00am. Ed and I were very happy about that!

Here are pics from that morning!

Mason & Clark got a joint gift- an IFly certificate for 2 to fly. They were very excited!
(Pics of that adventure will be posted soon.)
We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, too!