Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Masonry and Drywall

I am very excited to post more house updates as the work gets done!

Clark and I went through the house today. We were happy to see the drywall up in every single room. The taping and floating should happen soon.

 This is a shot of the dinning room.
This is the fireplace wall.
 This is the game room. You can see the back doors that lead to the balcony and the cut out for the doors of the soon to be media room.
 This is the stairs and part of the entry hallway.
 The brick was finished on two sides and the stone was started on the front. 
I love the contrast of the brown/tan brick with the stark white stone.
You can see the color change on the brick as the sections dry. I wanted as light of color of brick as possible so I am pleased with the lightness of the bottom section.
 The brick work across the back is completely done! Yay!
We are curious to see what all gets done before the Christmas break. Stay tuned!

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