Friday, December 12, 2014

Bricks, Stone, Lights, and Isulation

Newest house updates!

At our last meeting with our building superintendent, we got some more pics of the progress. We have bricks, stone, lights, and insulation!

This shot is looking out of the kitchen, over the (soon to be) high bar. You can see some of the drywall, that was delivered, sitting in the breakfast room.
 Canned lights and the tray ceiling in the master bedroom.
Side note- We added 21 additional canned lights through out the house. No dark corners for us!
 The built in bench in the breakfast room.
The living room.
 The living room with fireplace and stairs.
The stairs and hallway to the front door.
 Now that all these pieces are finished, the drywall and masonry work will begin. We are super excited to see what's next!

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