Thursday, October 9, 2014

Junior Homecoming Mum

When we left Pflugerville, I handed over my box of mum making supplies to friends who have high school kids now (and in the near future). The box was FULL! That was hard because I very much enjoy crafting mums once a year.

So when Mason told me he was going to ask Ariel to the homecoming dance, I was excited to have the opportunity to make a mum again. Not only that, I had a reason to go shopping at Michael's craft store!
Mason gave Ariel flowers when he asked her to the dance.
She said, "yes."
 The dressed up for 50's day.

So here are a few pics of the mum making process-

I stretched my craftiness, on this mum, using the biggest single flower available and making a layered backer. I also added the smaller black mum to the middle for more pop.
 The backer board- full of stables and tape!
 Ribbon central!
 Ta-da! All the pieces come together.
 Here is a close up of the mum.
 After it was all put together, I found out I needed to add a neck strap instead of using a safety pin. One more run to the craft store and I was able to deliver on the neck strap. Looks cool to me!
Here is Ariel wearing the mum we gave her and Mason wearing a garter mum that Ariel made for him. Unfortunately, his mum was so heavy the garter broke. But he carried it around with him all day. When he got home he said, "I am covered in glitter!" And he was. Ha!

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