Monday, September 29, 2014

Friendswood Marching Contest

Mason's marching band, Klein Oak Panthers, competed in the Friendswood Marching Contest on Saturday.

We went to watch them, along with Grandad and Grandlally who came up for the weekend.
The audience is waiting....
Here they come!
They take the field and the musical magic begins.
 There is Mason on the far right side.
 In this picture, Mason is just turning the corner.
 Nice field wide formation.
 And now we wait for the rest of the bands to perform and for the results.
Mason and Ariel head for a seat in the stands to watch and wait.
Prelim results- They placed 3rd in the 6A division (prelims) and performed again in finals.
Final results- They placed 3rd overall (combined divisions)!!!!

Can you believe it, Mason?? HA!

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