Thursday, August 21, 2014

Houston Museum of Natural History

Dane and I took a day to go downtown to The Houston Museum of Natural Science. While we didn't get to see everything, (the place is huge!), we did go through the butterfly center, watch a movie in the planetarium, and spend time in several exhibits. It was also a good place to practice my photography skills both with flash on and off.

Butterfly Center
Live butterfly's straight from their cocoons.
A large moth in camouflage mode.
Inside the butterfly center's glass atrium you can experience the beauty of butterfly's swirling around you in a beautiful and lush tropical setting.
Have you ever seen a plant quite like this?
In the Gemstone Carving room, this quartz skull caught our eye.
 Here is Dane in the energy exhibit. He really enjoyed that particular exhibit.
The paleontology exhibit. Who doesn't like dinosaur bones?
I took some no-flash pic of the planetarium show about black holes. Great colors.

We stopped for lunch at the in-house McDonald's. I asked Dane what he wanted to see in the hour and half we had left. To my surprise, he said, "I think I would like to see the Egypt exhibit, too." Wow! I had only mentioned once that I was interested in that exhibit. How thoughtful that he picked something he knew I wanted to see.

I took a ton of pics (again, no-flash) in this exhibit. I am completely fascinated by the tombs, artifacts, and mummies, etc. Dane was too--until we came to the sarcophagus and mummy rooms. Ert! The brakes went on. To his credit, he found a "safe room" and waited patiently for me to come out. I could have stayed much longer had I been alone. Next time maybe!

Look at these amazing pieces of art and history!
In the back of the paleontology exhibit we came across this smaller exhibit of fossilized tree rings. Beautiful!
 That was it for us. We had a nice day and enjoyed our time at the museum. I am sure we will go back. There is so much more to see! Plus, the rest of my boys need to go too.

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