Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stewart Beach

Living closer to the to the Gulf of Mexico gave us an opportunity to say, for the first time ever, "Let's take a day trip to the beach." And that is just what we did! We jumped in the van and headed to Stewart Beach Park in Galveston.
We made it!
The water was perfect! We spent most of our time playing in the waves with our boogie boards. It was particularly nice because you could go a ways out and still be only chest high in water. We also tried to catch the fish that were jumping around us! Didn't get any though. Ha!
 Time for lunch under the umbrella.
 More play time!
 Mean green pride remained fierce at all times. LOL
(Even photo-shopped in some green for fun.)
 Guess what happens when you dump goldfish crackers on the sand? All the Seagulls come zooming in. Dane was brave enough to sit in the middle of it and watch the hungry birds.
 He even tried to feed them by hand. No takers.
All gone!
This photo makes me laugh. It appears as if Mason is a magician who magically makes this seagull appear. Ha!
 When the temperature hit the upper 90's we hit the showers and changed into dry clothes. After a drive down the seawall, we headed back to Spring. It was a nice day trip for us.

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