Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Car for Clark

Clark's first car, the "beater car" or "grandma car" as he liked to call it, had hit the point that it wasn't safe to drive without investing big money into more repairs than it was worth. Sigh....
 Instead of worrying about him driving back and forth to Denton in an unsafe vehicle, we decided to look at other options. Clark really, really, really wanted something sporty. Ed and I really, really, really wanted something safe and reliable. We ended up finding a 2013 Hyundai Elantra at a Car-Max in Houston. The mileage was just under 9,000 miles and the price was right. After test driving it, looking up reviews, and sleeping on it for 2 nights, we bought it. It is a nice shade of blue, spotless interior, and still has the new car smell. We all feel like this car was a good compromise on what we all three really, really, really, wanted.
 Here is the comical part. Clark insisted on a stick shift even though he doesn't know how to drive one. We all learn how at some point so why not! So Ed has been out teaching him how to use a clutch and gears. Today, after driving around the neighborhood for practice, Clark decided to make these signs-
 The stall-out king has spoken! Hilarious!

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