Monday, June 9, 2014

End of Year Awards

Due to an accident, I wasn't able to go to Dane's "End of Year Awards" for 5th grade. Luckily, he had several family members there to cheer for him.

Thanks to Granlally and Grandad for coming up and supporting your youngest grandson! Thanks to Clark & Mason for running the slideshow I made, with pictures taken all year long, and cheering for your brother.

These pics were taken by Clark :-)

Below Dane receives the "AR Medal" for meeting his Accelerated Reading Goal each 9 weeks of the school year. The principal, Ms. Ruckel, is placing the medal on him as his teacher, Mrs. Husmann reads off his accomplishments for the year.
 Dane and classmate, Celeste.
 Grandparents represent!
Dane and his teacher, Mrs. Husmann.
What is up with that boy's hair??
 Dane and our favorite, Mr. Díaz-Cruz, from the office.
Here is a roll call of Dane's awards- the "A Honor Roll" ribbon and "Accelerated Reader" ribbon for the last 9 weeks of school. For the entire year he earned, the "AR Medal,"  "All Year A Honor Roll" certificate, the "Resourcefulness Award" certificate and a "5th Grade Completion" certificate.

Well done, Dane! Middle School, here he comes!

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