Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Wayne and Lally gave us fabulous Christmas gifts in Decemeber- tickets for the family to see "Wicked" with them in San Antonio. All we had to do was wait until March 13th.

So on March 13th, the boys and Ed put on their fancy bow ties and we headed to New Braunfels to hook up with Grandad and Grandlally.
 Not to be the odd man out, Grandad had on a bow tie too!
Wicked was being performed at the lovely Majestic Theater in downtown San Antonio. 
We were all very excited to be there.
Here we are before the musical started.
None of us Limbaughs had seen the musical before. We were blown away!! It made us laugh AND cry. I got goosebumps from some of the singing. Not to mention the props and costumes. Amazing performance all the way around! It was a merry Christmas and a happy Spring Break all at once!

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