Monday, March 24, 2014


Posted to my Face Book wall March 19th, 2014- 
As of today, Ed Limbaugh is officially unemployed........... until Monday when he starts his new job in Houston with Halliburton. Big changes are coming our way! Wish us luck! (The boys will be finishing this school year here before we all make the big move.)

Posted to Ed's Face Book wall March 19th, 2014- 
It's the bittersweet end of one era and the start of another grand adventure. On Monday I start a new role as project/system engineer at Halliburton in Houston, Texas.

My new role will be similar to my work at Ticom Geo: working with a team of R&D scientists to develop new sensing tools. This time, though, I will be building tools for oil field services like borehole evaluation instead of radio geolocation. The next several months will definitely be challenging and exciting!

It's been a very tough decision to choose to move to a new role in a new city after 4-1/2 years at Ticom Geo. Working there has been an amazing experience, and I am proud to have been part of the great work they're doing. Right now, though, the slump in defense work due to last year's sequester and the shift in focus by the DoD to other areas has been hard on the business. I'm sure they will do very well in the long run, but for our family's economic security, it's time to make a new move. And this will definitely be a terrific move! I'm really looking forward to starting at Halliburton next week.

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