Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blazer Tag Party

Party time!!
Dane invited a few friends for a party at Blazer Tag in South Austin.

back row: Mason, Bryan, Dane, Anthony, Clark
front row: Joel, Figgy, and Adrian
We purchased the "Supercharger" party which included 3 laser tag games, pizza, and arcade tokens.

We couldn't get pictures inside the 3 level laser tag room but we did get a shot of the "live" electronic read out board as the games go along. Everyone playing uses a code name. In this picture, you can see Dane's code name of "Commando," Mason's "Swag So Live," Clark's "Scrappy," and Joel's "Lil Josh."
Cake- Dane requested the Chocolate Coke Cake.
As an add on, there is a "Sky Tail" course at the top of the arcade. Mason and Joel gave it a go. They had fun!
By the end of this party, we were all pooped out! But what a fun couple of days we had celebrating Dane and his 11th birthday!

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