Monday, February 17, 2014

Academic Meet

Dane participated in the PISD UIL Academic Meet on February 15th, in the category of Oral Reading. To compete in Oral Reading, Dane had to try out at the campus level to be chosen as one of only three 4th and 5th graders sent to the meet. Then he had to memorize and put movement to 3 poems by Jeff Moss, (famous for his work on Sesame Street), called The Other Side of the Door, I Don't Want to Live On the Moon, and At the Doctor's Office.

At the meet, all 51 students competing in the category, performed in two rounds with a different judge in each room. Then the 51 students were narrowed down to 8, based on scores from round 1 and 2, for the Finals Round. Dane was chosen as one of the 8 finalists!

After the Finals Round, we waited for awards. At 2:00 they began awards for all the competitive categories. Oral Reading was the last to be announced.

Here are Dane and classmate, Isabelle, hanging out while we waited.

Dane was awarded 6th place! He got a nice trophy out of it too!
 Congratulations, Dane!

 While we are so proud of his work and placement in the Meet, I have to just say that I am even more proud of Dane's attitude about the whole thing. I love that he was mindful enough to be okay with how ever the competition turned out for him personally- win or lose. And even though he was able to verbalize that he disagreed with the order of placement of the 8 finalists, he did so in a calm way and was still happy to receive what he did- including a family celebration late lunch at his favorite pizza joint. Now that is one amazing kid!

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