Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saxophone Xmas Party

Mason decided to host his saxophone section Xmas party at our house. The party included, but was not limited to, saxophone caroling, white elephant gift exchange, pizza and the chocolate fountain.

24 saxophone players-warm up in my living room! It was L-O-U-D!!!
Joel & Mason, friends since 3rd grade.
 First stop was at our neighbors, the Harkey's. 
They were thrilled with the caroling visit!
 The kids went all over the neighborhood playing for people that they knew. They had a great time!

Once they made it back to the house, they chowed down on pizza, ect.
 Clark visited with some old friends and former band-mates.
 Alex, David, Clark (all class of 2012)
 Clark & J.J. (J.J. is class of 2014)
The kids were almost all gone by 11:30pm. They had a great time AND left the house standing. It was really nice that these kids took the time out of their celebrating to share their youthful energy and musical talent with our friends and the neighborhood.

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