Sunday, January 19, 2014

Campus Science Fair

Science Fair was mandatory for 5th grade this year. Dane chose a project that answered the question, "Which brand of vanilla ice cream melts fastest." A project he can learn from and eat afterwards- bonus!

As yearbook photographer, I was able to be in the cafeteria during judging. (I shot 234 pics that day between judging pics and class project pics.)

 These photos are of Dane meeting with his judges. I love that he is being animated and talking to them instead of to the board. Even his classmate, Kristin, is listening. My fav pic is that last one. What ever he said made the judges laugh!

I was also taking photos of the class projects along with the students who would present it to the judges on behalf of the class. It just so happens that Dane, Celeste, and Isabelle were Ms. Husmann's class presenters.
 We don't have results yet but I will post here if Dane's melting project advances to the regional science fair.

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