Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Boy & His Dog

Andy gets so happy to see Dane, when Dane arrives home from school each day. They always spend a few minutes sharing their mutual affection for each other. Today, I captured it on film! Ahhh, the love! And I love them both, too!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HPES Science Fair

UPDATE- Dane found out that he and his science fair project are going to the Austin Energy Regional Science  Fair in February! Woohoo!

Dane made a science fair project this year, as all 4th grade was required to do one. He chose a project about water in oranges that he officially named "How Much Water Is In An Orange."

This project involved weighing oranges, drying oranges, and weighing them again- plus some math. Here are some pictures of the steps to the project.
 4 days later-
Here is one photo from the actual judging. Dane's board was in the middle of the row so the closest I could get still only shows him in the background of the photo.
Here are pictures of the final project taken at the parent viewing night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Honor Roll

Today Dane received a ribbon for All A's and for hitting his AR Goal for the past 9 weeks. Congrats, Dane!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve this year, we did things a little differently. Instead of our big karaoke bash at the house, we got dressed up and went out for a fancy four course meal at Buenos Aries Cafe Estes on East 6th Street. Just the adults! The kids stayed at the house, played games and chowed down on pizza and fruit.

The Chef selected menu.
See, fancy!
Our first champagne toast of the night! To great friends and a fabulous 2013! Cheers!
I so loved my first course of Lobster Bisque that I failed to take any first course food pics! But, I got the second course! Below- Ed's quail and my scallop.
 This scallop was A_M_A_Z_I_N_G!!
 The steak and macaire potatoes with baby zucchini!
We actually ordered a second dessert, one they are famous for, Dark & Spicy Chocolate CRÈME BRULEE. (I didn't get a pic tho.) It did not disappoint!! A stand out of the night for me- along with the bisque and the scallop. Delicious barely describes it!

This picture makes me laugh! Eric and Terrence's faces say it all! I did say it was a fancy meal so... ha ha ha! I took a picture of the bill (the total for our table of 7) but I don't want to shock anyone so that will be my private picture! Ha!
Just outside the restaurant we got a guy to take a group picture of us! We had a fun night being all dressed up and fancy. Ha!
Back at the house........ seconds before the magical hour of midnight....
And now it is midnight! Whoop!
We carried on the night with games, karaoke and general merriment!
Happy 2012, everyone!

O'ma's 98th Birthday Luncheon

For O'ma's 98th birthday, Lally and Wayne hosted a birthday luncheon in their home. Friends, family and food! A great way to celebrate someone so dear to us!

Rolls anyone?
The Lunch Bunch Ladies
Sunday lunch is their regular gathering. 
How lucky that O'ma's party was on a Sunday and for lunch!

 Uh, oh!! Who spilled? Kids?? Poor broken water globe!
It takes a village to get the water and glitter off the floor!
I don't want to name any names but his initials are Ed Limbaugh!
 The Lunch Bunch complete.
 I missed the joke but caught the laughter!
 Chit chat time!
 Trying to get the males in a group picture...... like trying to load puppies in a basket!
Cousin Charles probably thinks we are complete nuts!
 Callie, my sister dog.
She is a cutie! We like to take her treats when we visit.
Happy birthday, dear O'ma!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Early Morning

Dane was determined to catch Santa in action. Even with his yucky cough and cold, Dane set up camp, in the living room, on the couch. Unfortunately, Dane fell fast asleep and didn't catch the man in red. Santa managed to come and go in a stealthy mode.

Dane's cough woke him up at 1:30 in the morning..... after Santa had delivered the goods. Excited to the core, at the sight of Santa presents and full stockings, Dane woke everyone up except me. I was still up reading and was just turning out my light when the frenzy began! So, at 1:45 in the morning, we opened presents- ALL the presents, Santa's and our family gifts. Hysterical!!

I loved it since I had not yet gone to sleep and am a night owl by nature! The rest of the family? Not so thrilled at being awakened after only a few short hours of sleep. Even the dogs were tired and yawning! But, hey! You gotta love presents any time day or night!

Here are a few pictures from our EARLY morning celebration!

Santa gifts
 Yawning Ellie
 Confused Andy
Family presents

Some of us went to bed after the excitement. Some of the younger Limbaugh's stayed up in toy heaven until.... ummm, I don't know when. I was finally, at last asleep for the first time that, morning!