Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UNT Visit

On Saturday morning, we loaded up and headed to Denton for an afternoon UNT vs UTEP football game. We arrived in time to see the Green Brigade march in! 
 Look! My favorite trombone player!
 Game time!
 These pics were taken before and as the football team runs in.
 Clark and Scrappy! LOVE!
 A classic shot taken by Mason!
 The trombone section has a ton of fun!
 Half time! The Green Brigade marched and played songs to 80's tunes. A definite crowd favorite!
 Clark is just off center of these pictures.
Mean Green Pride!
Poor Clark's lips were a fire from all the playing he had done game day and the day before.
Mason and I got our pic taken at a "fan booth" in the stadium. Fun times!
 UNT won the game 41 to 7! Whoop! That put them in first place in their conference and made them bowl eligible! This year has been a complete turn around for the UNT football program. So exciting!

 After the game, we drove to Sanger, Texas (just North of Denton) to have dinner at the famous Babe's Chicken House. We had seen it on the PBS show "Day Tripper" and decided we need to try it. So delicious! As was all the food!

The picture only shows the plate of chicken and the bowls of green beans, corn, mashed potatoes,gravy, and BBQ sauce. What it doesn't show is the salad and biscuits. So much food! And they will keep bringing it until you say STOP!
 It was a great weekend! We enjoyed the activities but more so our time with Clark!!

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