Monday, October 21, 2013

Bunco Halloween Food

I was the lucky ghoul who got to host October Bunco for my best witches. Of course, I went all out! The house was completely decorated with tons of Halloween items (love Halloween!) and the food was to die for! ::::evil laugh::::!

For dinner, I served Moldy Greens, Meat Mice, Mashed Brains, Roasted Knuckles, and Garlic Bones. Here are a few pics-
 For dessert, I served a chocolate bundt cake and mini pumpkin sugar cookies. Here is a few pics-
Fresh from the oven without the icing.
 Sliced to show the colors (that didn't really look like much until the next day). You can see the mini pumpkin cookies of to the side of the pic.
It was a fun bunco night. I didn't win big but I did win my $5 back by getting the Loser Prize. Whoop!

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