Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homecoming Mum

It is mum time again! Can't you hear the cow bells ringing? 
Michelle, Nancy, Pam and I got together over the weekend and started making mums. Nancy and Pam have seniors so they got the gigantic flowers. Michelle made a smaller one for Dana as Dana thought hers from last year was too big. I got to make one for Mason's girlfriend, Megan. Megan is a sophomore, like Mason, this year.

We delivered Megan's mum to her tonight so she would have it to wear in the morning (homecoming day). Megan seemed to really like it. Megan gave Mason a cute garter mum that she had made.
 Mason & Megan
 Here is a closer look at the one I made for Megan. So fun!

Here are pictures of the mums my friends made for their daughters.
Dana's sophomore mum
Ally's senior mum with lights
Rachel's senior mum with lights
Nice job ladies!

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