Friday, August 23, 2013

UNT Move-In

Tuesday was move in day for Clark at UNT- sophomore year!! Woot! As a member of the Green Brigade Marching Band, he got to move in a week before classes start for intense all day marching and music rehearsals.

We left Pflugerville on Monday night and stayed the night in a hotel in Denton. Tuesday morning we pulled into the dorm circle drive at 9:03am to start unloading the van. Luckily, 5 music frat boys were there to help us. It was so much faster than last year.

Having the advantage of being in the same dorm again, the unpacking went super fast. In fact, from the beginning to the end (unloading, unpacking, Wal-Mart run and put away) was less than 3 hours!

Unloaded and in the room.
 Unpacked and set-up.
 Goofy moments with silly brothers.
Walmart fun!
 Moments before the "mom tears" started flowing.
Clark is so excited to be back. I am excited, too. Still, I miss him.

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