Monday, August 26, 2013

CR Smith Museum

On Thursday, Dane and I visited the CR Smith American Airlines Museum. Loving all things Lego, when we heard there was a traveling Lego exhibit there, we worked it into our mini-vacation. Good thing! What a great museum!
First thing in the door, there is a theater sporting airline seats and a digital high definition 42' X 36' screen. The movie showing is a 15 minute film called "Spirit of America." Perfect length and informational narrative for kids and short attention span moms- me!! There are some beautiful flying scenes over the Grand Canyon and snow covered mountains.

Earning room all to itself is The Flagship Knoxville- an American Airlines Douglas DC, 
open for inside and outside viewing!
 If you look closely, you can see my reflection..... on purpose, I might add!
 Here are a few exhibit pics.
 Dane is not as tall or wide as a jet engine. That is a good thing!
 I admitted we were there for the Lego Exhibit so here goes.....
 Some hands on- Dane's favorite!
 Everyone that knows us, is aware we seek out Lego events etc, so imagine our surprise when we found something completely new-- as in we have NEVER seen this anywhere we have been. Check it out! The kid builds some sort of transportation vehicle. They place it on the "x" in the green box. Then on the computer component, they add a background, a title, and a self picture. But wait, that's not all-- the kid can email it to them self and a friend. So cool!
 This exhibit shows many different transportation modes.
 Here is a detailed exhibit on ways to travel in the early 1900's...
all made out of Legos!

  Lego racing "around the world!"
Dane loved that!
 One last shot from a great kid-friendly museum.

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