Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oasis with the Cousins

On Wednesday night, the Gause's, Limbaugh's and Monica's went out to The Oasis for a sunset dinner on Lake Travis. The view was nice, the sun bright and shiny, as suns should be, the food good--- BUT the service was TERRIBLE. Sigh......

Any-whoooo! Here are some picture of the night.
 Dane and Spencer checking out the lake.
 A Texas sunset!
 Dana, Lizzie, and Claire
 The gang- waiting for appetizers.
 The Gause Family
 The sun is slipping away!
 The Monica Family

 Getting lower......
 Food at last! Kyra ordered lettuce wraps. That is a lot of lettuce on that plate!
The lake is very low. Rain has been scarce.
Spencer and Dane on stage yuckin' it up!
 Outside of the restaurant the kids get into the weird spaceship. 
Don't ask me!
Despite the service issues and missing food, we made the best of it. We chatted and laughed a bunch.

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