Friday, July 5, 2013

Karaoke with the Cousins

In honor of the Gause's visit, we threw a karaoke and game party with all our friends. Everyone brought food to share and drinks were flowing! Most everyone got into the singing and dancing. I have photographic evidence to prove it!
 The girls lead the dancing in the Macarena.
 Steve and Ed performed "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." 
They even gave us a little do-see-do! YeeHaw!
 Upstairs in the game room, Spencer, Dane, and Ian were plugged in to video games.
 Delaney bravely sang a few lines from the couch!
Along with singing, there was some Head Banz playing. Lots of laughter was coming from that group!
 A few more notable pics from the night!
 Hit the road Jack!
Fun, fun, fun night!

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