Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Girl

Sometimes, things just happen. In this case, a friend of a friend of a son's fiancee's mom & dad had one more pup from a liter of 3 that needed a home. The Limbaugh name was added to the mix and we were introduced to this 5 week old baby girl chihuahua mix. Precious!!! Absolutely precious!

We all oohed and aahed over her. We passed her around from family member to family member not wanting to share her. Baby Girl won us over!

 Little bitty girl- we expect her to be smaller than Andy and Ellie.
 Sleepy girl!
 Already a cuddle baby!
We have thrown around names, keeping with our vowel theme- Iris, Okra (Mason's favorite), Oprah, Isadora, and our old favorite Izzy. (What can we say, it was a cute name before and could be a cute name again for this little one.)

Baby Girl is currently being feed with a dropper. Her mom decided she was finished with nursing. While the other two pups took to moist food right away, Baby Girl did not. So, we will won't get her until July 19th or 20th. Can't wait!

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