Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deer Lake Day 4

Since we had the "Mules" until 10:30 am, Ed took the younger kids out for a second driving lesson. What a brave man he was! But the kids LOVED it!

 Around 10, we headed over to the Double S Ranch. 
The three younger kids were going to ride horses!
Here is the head honcho giving instructions to the kids as Jade, the daughter of the property manager, looks on.
Lizzie was on a horse named, "Mister." Dane was on a horse named, "Bill." Trey was on a horse named, "Shiloh." All three horses were calm and easy going. All three kids were first timers on horse back. So proud of them all! (It is really hard to pick out just a few of the horse riding pics!)

Saddle up!
 And they're off!
 Back at the Lake, I snapped a few pictures from one end of the cool waters.
 All kids and horses returned from their hour trail ride!
 Dane wants this photo blown up and hung on the wall with the family photos. He likes that he and the horse looking at the camera!
 Time to get the horses back to their stalls.
 So here we are at our last afternoon at Deer lake. What to do? Swimming and fishing!
 Close up of cute little Chloe.
Captain Ellie!
 And a few more nature pictures.
 For dinner, we made foil packet dinners with chicken and veggies. Everyone made their own packet, folded it like an envelope, and placed it on the grill to cook.
 How are they, Dane? Num, num, num!
 And for dessert, Andy made his famous (to us, anyway) buttered popcorn. Yum!

We ended the night with a game or two and then started grouping our things together for easier packing the next morning.

In the morning we checked out at 11am. It took 6 hours to get home. We brought back everything we took with us EXCEPT for Ed's glasses, which are spending eternity at the bottom of Deer Lake! Ha!

 We had a great time and loved the property. We will definitely be going back next summer!

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