Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deer Lake Day 3

Breakfast anyone? Terrence and Eric whipped up some breakfast tacos for the hungry vacationers.
We rented John Deere "Mules" for 24 hours for some off-road driving adventures. The property boasts 12 miles of nature trails and a hunt to find the 5 hidden bridges. We were on it!

We had so much fun! Mason and I were able to find the 5 bridges. We were stoked! We had to go up and down some steep trails to do it! Over the 24 hours, we made lots of tracks on the trails. It was a favorite of the kids and the adults!
 Some interesting sights along the way......
 In between Mule runs, we were in and out of the lake. Even the dogs got in on the lake action!
Our dogs made friends with the 2 lake dogs. Here Andy and Shiner are hanging out at the edge of the lake.
 Later in the evening, it was hot dog roasting and marshmallow burning time.
 Ooey gooey S'Mores, anyone?
 The last outdoor activity of the evening, before game playing started, was night fishing.
 Another long fun filled day at Deer Lake!

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