Sunday, July 21, 2013

Deer Lake Day 2

First thing in the morning, we got up and headed out the door for a nature walk with the dogs. 
 Nature we observed along the way......
 Our walk eventually lead us to the cabin that the Monica's were staying in, "Nature's Nest."
Once back at the lake, Dane and Lizzie asked to fish. Ed got them going.
Meanwhile, Andy, Ellie, and Chloe (the Monica's chihuahua) were off leash for their own adventures.
 Mason decided to try paddle boarding. He was up and off quickly!
Show off!
Mom will get him! I tried anyway!
I have to say here, I, Lisa Limbaugh, am not one for lakes. They are typically dirty and gritty. No thanks! Deer Lake was different! It was so clear you could see down to your toes! I spent lots of time swimming and floating in the clean waters of Deer Lake. Loved, loved, loved it! 

I was so proud of my mom and Dane. Both decided to give kayaking a try. 
Both took to it like they had been born in a kayak!
Here come the Monica's and Chloe on a paddle boat!
 Lizzie got her chance on the kayaks too! She was a natural!
 We spent all of that late morning and afternoon in the lake swimming, paddle boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding. (Thanks to Ed for getting these pics. The camera was not allowed to be outside unattended or in the sprinkling rain that we had a few times that day. Ed jumped out of the water, ran to the house for the camera, took a few shots, ran the camera back to the house, and returned to get back in the lake.)
I have to show this series of pics. Mason tried to do "The Crane" to test his balance.............
 Oops! Ha, ha!
 Success! Look at that concentration!
 Just as we were in the middle of playing board games, Trey, Terrence, and Eric arrived.
Trey got involved in a game right away.
That didn't last too long. Dane was eager to get Trey in the water so.......
 .....while I tried to sneak a photo of Terrence watching. Kind of got one- that camera dodger!
Back in the house, Michelle was getting burgers and corn cobs ready for the grills. 
The men and dogs supervised. Ha!
 After dinner we played a new (to us) game called Telestrations. It is HILARIOUS and SUPER FUN! If you get the chance, play it. You will laugh until you pee in your pants! Great for kids and adults.

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