Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sax Solo

At the Spring Hawk Band Concert, we got a big surprise. Mason had a big solo in a piece called, "Robin Hood. " He played parts of Bryan Adams, "Everything I do (I do it for you)."

Mason came out of the band middle, where the saxophones sit. His chair was put on the outside edge of his row. That was when I knew something was up. (I jumped from my seat to move front and to the side to -hopefully- get some good shots.) Notice the "mom doesn't know" smirk on his face!!
 The Concert Band director, Mr. Duffy, is fabulous!
 They begin the Robin Hood piece.
 A third of the way into the song, Mason moves up to the awaiting stand to play his solo.
 The audience clapped when his solo ended. Mason sat back down. Then, as part of the end of the piece, Mason got back up and played another solo of the same song. (I moved father to the side to get the music stand out of the center of my shots.)
 The piece ended, and unexpectedly, Mr. Duffy motioned Mason to front and center for recognition and applause. (I was not camera ready for this moment so the shots are out of focus. Too bad!)
It was lovely! He did a really great job! And what an honor to get an opportunity like that. Nicely done, Mason!

Grandad got the music on video. Hopefully, I will soon be able to post the Robin Hood piece on here for your listening pleasure!

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