Sunday, May 12, 2013

Field Day 2013

Here are a few pictures of Dane and his classmates from the Luau themed Field Day at HPES. Dane said his favorite part was the Popsicle- go figure!
 Dane, Ashlynn, Mr. Diaz-Cruz, Kennedy, Abigail, and Jordan pose in between activities.
 Diego, Dane and Sarah having a cool treat.
Dane and Figgy partnered up for the water balloon toss.
 Dane on a scooter board.
 A dart throw challenge.
 Mr. Lubman, dressed by the class, for a kooky day at the beach.
 A hut building challenge using Hula Hoops.
Kali, Dane, and Raven teamed up to get the job done!
 The class photo!

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