Sunday, May 19, 2013

Deutschen Pfest

This weekend was the annual Pflugerville Deutschen Pfest! We loaded up the kids and went down for the hometown parade. The fire truck and police motorcycles started the  parade.
 Anthony was invited to test the motorcycle siren.
 A favorite- Chick-Fil-A! The kids are excited to see the cow coming!
 Lizzy, CFA Cow, Dane, Anthony, and Delaney
 Old time cars.
 More candy! Those kids were in for the haul!
 The Pflugerville High School Panthers!
 Abigail, Lizzy, Dane, The PHS Panther, and Anthony
 Love the little cars! How much fun must they have??
 Our neighbor Rachel on the HHS Cheerleader float! 
We hollered and embarrassed her good!
 Here comes the Hawk Band!
 Mason is in the middle of this picture. If it hadn't been for the white sunglasses, I might have missed him going by!
 Now you can see him better!
 Away they go! We hollered and embarrassed him as well!
Dane, Delaney, Lizzy, Clown, and Anthony!
 Show us your candy haul!
 Great small town fun!

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