Thursday, April 18, 2013

Foreigner Concert

On Monday, April 15th, Christie, Michelle, and I drove down to San Antonio where we met Chanda at the Iron Cactus on the River Walk. We had a lingering meal and lots of fun chatting as we waited for the clock to strike 7pm. At 7pm, we walked over to the  Majestic Theatre, pumped and ready to rock with Foreigner!! (Disclosure- these photos were all taken with my phone camera so the quality is not great.)
 Outside of the Majestic theatre!
 Show time!
This photo was taken from our seats that were 10 rows back and center.
 After the first two songs, Kelly Hansen, invited fans to come to the stage and off I went! I didn't even think twice! I just went for it! The shots show how close I was! Literally one person removed from the stage but able to lay my hand on the stage and more importantly, on Kelly Hansen! Four times! Including once when he held my hand as he sang a line to me! Ahh!! So fabulous! So thrilling! And a great rockin' show!
 Kelly Hansen and the amazing guitarist, Jeff Pilson!
 The founding band member and Songwriters Hall of Fame, Mick Jones!
 The drummer put on a fun and fabulous solo show!
 The beginning of, I Want to Know What Love Is. And the end of the concert.
I stayed at the stage until the very end! I was sweaty and excited! (And I was sure Mason would be proud of me for rushing to the stage and rockin' out with the other fans!) The other girls couldn't leave without me because I had the keys in my pocket! Ha! We drove back home to Pflugerville only stopping at Bucky's for a potty break, a drink, and some Cherry Smoked Beef Jerky!

I had a wonderful time! I love Foreigner more now than I did in my teen years. 

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