Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dogs & Bluebonnets

Dane and I took Andy and Ellie out to a field of bluebonnets to try to get some cute pictures of my babies.  We had to walk across a long field to get to the flowers, which worked out well, as it gave the pups a chance to run, sniff, and pee on everything along the way.

I am happy to say I got some great pics. I am posting the best of them.

Mixed flower pics
 It is a miracle that we some how got them to sit for a pic or two!
Andy was sniffling around for something good!
 Ellie takes a break from all the modeling!
 Meanwhile, my helper Dane, who was supposed to be my "dog handler," had some fun of his own with a beach towel we had brought along for "just in case."
Busted! He spies the lens on him!
 My helper became "Super Kid" thanks to the wind!
 Back to Ellie and Andy- Love these pup faces!
 And one final picture that makes Dane and me laugh! 
Silly Ellie!

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