Sunday, April 28, 2013

BBQ Birthday Celebration

On my birthday night, April 20th, we met up with a cast of colorful characters, I call my friends, to celebrate my uhhhh...39th...uhhhh, birthday! Salt Lick in Round Rock had a party room ready and waiting! Lots of BBQ too! Yum!

Let me just say, many of the pictures from the night are hilarious! Ed started out with the camera and at some point it fell into Dane's hands. Cross yourselves now, it ain't pretty. Oh, but I guess I don't have to actually post all the picture of bald spots, ears, chins, and butts that Dane took, now do I?

Let's start with the cast of characters-
 Now some table length shots-
 A lovely trio of before, during and after 2 1/2 margaritas! Hey- don't judge! It is was my birthday!!
(Thanks to Eric, Terrence, and Shannon for ordering for me. Cough, cough!)

Now, I could choose to not relay this next little story but I know if I don't talk about it, the witnesses will! So, here it goes....  I was visiting guests at the end of the long table when the waiter came out with the cake and 5 lit candles. Delighted, I began to run back to my seat. IMPORTANT NOTE- I was in flip-flops! And as I ran down the long stretch of the table, I came out of one flip flop and went down! Luckily, I didn't crash on my face, instead, I landed on my knees and hit a bench with one arm. Ouch! I didn't even lose my birthday crown! What a champ! But never one to  spoil the party, I bounced back up laughing all the way and prepared for birthday cake. Aren't I so glad Ed shot this next set of pictures? (No, not really! But, oh, well!) The photos start immediately after the fall! (Yes, Michael Olivarez, I see you laughing at me!)
 Whew! I live to make another birthday wish! 
That was a close one!
 So there you have the big night in all it's craziness! We came home so I could clean the blood off my knees and ice them down.

I only had a total of 6 bruises from the fall. Today, I only have lovely shades of "bruise" on one knee as any sign that the RWI (running while intoxicated) ever happened!

Happy birthday to me!

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