Monday, March 4, 2013

Tom and Nikki's Wedding

My little brother Tom Limbaugh recently married his sweetheart Nikki Ramsey.  Clark, Mason, and I went to Tennessee to be there for their wedding on Saturday, 23 Feb 2013.  Here are some pictures from that afternoon.

Mischevious grin.  What is evil does he have planned?

My father and my other little brother Don.  Clark and Mason know them as "Papa Charley" and "Uncle Don."

Clark goofs with his cousin Andy, Don and Myra's son.  Myra unfortunately could not attend because of a sick baby Julie.  She was well represented by Don and his gang.

Orville Redenbacher made an appearance! ... No, wait, that's the Nutty Professor.  Uhhm, wrong again.  It's just Uncle Don waving "Howdy!  Welcome to Tennessee!" 
 And the ceremony begins.  Here comes the bride.
Chris Smotherman officiates.  And we're off!
 Some meaningful quotes from Dr. Seuss and a few carefully considered vows later, Chris pronounces Tom and Nikki husband and wife.  "You may now kiss the bride."
 Off to the reception in the gallery.  They are simply beaming!
 Tom shows off his wedding ring.  He's definitely married now.
 The cake!  Wouldn't be a wedding without cake!
Uncle Don pals around with Clark.
 A casual shot of Clark and his cousin Haley, Tom's daughter.
 The happy couple pause for a moment of reflection.  (Ha!  Get it?!  "reflection" -- sometimes I crack myself up!)
 Serving the cake.  Tom got a mouthful, but Nikki threatened to knock his block off if he got any on her dress!
The Texas Limbaughs pose with Uncle Tom.
 Tom and Haley share the moment.
 Uncle Tom hugs Cousin Jenny, Don's daughter and Andy's sister.
 Nikki talks with Papa Charley. 
 Outside, the families pose.  From left to right: Karon (our mother), Nikki, Tom, Charley, and Molly (Charley's wife).
 We brothers, our mother, and the bride.
 Karon's grandchildren:  Haley, Clark, Mason, Andy on top, Jenny in front, and Grandma Karon.
 All the relatives.
 Andy had more fun with Mason than at the wedding.

And that's all, folks!  Although it was a quick trip there and back, we had a terrific time at the wedding.  Here's to many happy years together, Tom and Nikki!

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