Sunday, March 10, 2013

Talent Show

Dane, Kennedy, Alvin, Valerie, and Adrian performed the funny skit called, "Muscle Man Contest," for the HPES Talent Show this year. They did a good job and received lot of laughs!

The video will be posted soon, thanks to Glen Huschka. Check back for that!

Clark and Ed both had a camera so you will be seeing the skit from two different angles. Enjoy!

Before the Talent Show started.... the actors!
Show time! 
Let the Rocky Movie Theme Song begin!
Valerie was the MC of the Muscle Man Contest. 
She held the sign that directed the audience to say "ahhhh" and "yay" at the appropriate times.
The first contestant up was Amazing Alvin!
He couldn't lift the weight!
 The second contestant was Awesome Adrian!
He couldn't lift the weight! 
 The third and last contestant of the night was Dynamo Dane!
But he couldn't lift the weight either!
Poor Muscle Men! They weren't up to the challenge!
Maybe next year!
 Just when it looked like no one was going to lift the weight and win the Muscle Men Contest, Kennedy comes out to sweep the stage. But she is confused about what is going on! She sees the sad men and the sees the weight.
 It can't be that hard, right?
Right! She lifts it without any trouble at all!
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Ha!
 The end!
 In the audience that night, was Mason and his new girlfriend Maddie. Clark was able to sneak a couple of photos for me! Yay!
 And one quick shot of me and Clark taken during intermission.

The kids put on a funny skit! So proud of them for having the courage to be on the stage! The whole Talent Show was good. There was a nice variety of acts, which makes for a much more interesting show.

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