Monday, March 11, 2013

Lego Birthday

Dane turned 10 years old on Feb. 28th. Yay for double digits! On March 2nd, we had a Lego birthday party at the house! The festivities included friends, tons of Legos, Lego games, cupcakes and ice cream! It was a fabulous home party, if I do say so myself (wink!). Check out the party pics.
Front Door
(Banner hand made by me!)
 The Bar/Kitchen
Note the adorable Lego Man shirt Dane is wearing. Granlally made that for him. It has a "10" on the Lego Man's shirt so we will always remember Dane's age. Dane loved it!
 Photo bomb by Grandad!
Check out the cupcakes with a special one just for the birthday boy. Each cupcake had a Lego Mini Figure on top that would belong to the kid who chose it. The Mini Figures came from as far as San Antonio (thanks to Grandad for hunting them down) and as close as Round Rock. Having such a mixed assortment, both boy and girl characters, meant each cupcake had a unique Mini Figure.
 The first activity of the party was mono-chromatic free build. While everyone was getting to the party the kids already there were building what ever they wanted but could only use one color of Lego bricks.
  Kenneth was checking out the "display table."
The second activity was a "Race Car Challenge." The kids were asked to build their best race car and then race it on the track Ed built just for the party. Dane and Alvin start it off with Grandad as the official starter.
Boys and Girls! Start your engines!
Let the racing begin! 
Even Clark made a Lego race car!
 The third activity was "build your best animal" in 5 minutes. Below the kids show off their work for the "judges."
 The fourth activity was a team challenge to build the tallest tower in 4 mins. We lined the kids up by height and then numbered them 1 thru 4 to make 4 teams. Not only was each team trying to build the tallest tower, they also had to carry it from the "building room" to the "measuring table" in the living room. Since it was a timed activity, the challenge started off with hands in the air!

Team 1-Trey, Diego, Delaney and Kenneth 
Sadly, Team 1's tower fell as it left the "building room." :-(
Team 2- Dane, Anthony, Lizzie and Courtney
Team 3- Abigail, Ian, Mariza and Sarah
 Photo Bomb by Grandad and Clark!
Team 4- Alvin, Dana, Vanessa and Kennedy
 Team 4 built the tallest tower in 4 mins. It was 20.5 inches tall! 
Whoop! Whoop!
Ed was the official "measuring judge."
 Meanwhile in the kitchen, Mason was showing Nanny his waltz moves.
 Back at the party.... Cupcake and Ice Cream time!
As I mentioned earlier, each kid got to choose the cupcake/Mini-Figure they wanted but... the kids were in order of how close they got in a "Guessing Game" of how many Legos were in a jar. All fair and square with no fighting about choosing order. Nice!
Happy 10th Birthday, Dear Dane!
 Yum, yum! Vanilla with sprinkles; Dane's favorite!
 The adults chowed down, too!
Present time! 
 They even make Lego cards! Who knew??
The party was a smash hit! All the kids seemed to have fun. Everyone got a goody bag plus their Mini-Figure. And most importantly, Lego crazy Dane was in Lego heaven!

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