Sunday, January 6, 2013

O'ma's 98th Birthday Luncheon

For O'ma's 98th birthday, Lally and Wayne hosted a birthday luncheon in their home. Friends, family and food! A great way to celebrate someone so dear to us!

Rolls anyone?
The Lunch Bunch Ladies
Sunday lunch is their regular gathering. 
How lucky that O'ma's party was on a Sunday and for lunch!

 Uh, oh!! Who spilled? Kids?? Poor broken water globe!
It takes a village to get the water and glitter off the floor!
I don't want to name any names but his initials are Ed Limbaugh!
 The Lunch Bunch complete.
 I missed the joke but caught the laughter!
 Chit chat time!
 Trying to get the males in a group picture...... like trying to load puppies in a basket!
Cousin Charles probably thinks we are complete nuts!
 Callie, my sister dog.
She is a cutie! We like to take her treats when we visit.
Happy birthday, dear O'ma!

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