Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve this year, we did things a little differently. Instead of our big karaoke bash at the house, we got dressed up and went out for a fancy four course meal at Buenos Aries Cafe Estes on East 6th Street. Just the adults! The kids stayed at the house, played games and chowed down on pizza and fruit.

The Chef selected menu.
See, fancy!
Our first champagne toast of the night! To great friends and a fabulous 2013! Cheers!
I so loved my first course of Lobster Bisque that I failed to take any first course food pics! But, I got the second course! Below- Ed's quail and my scallop.
 This scallop was A_M_A_Z_I_N_G!!
 The steak and macaire potatoes with baby zucchini!
We actually ordered a second dessert, one they are famous for, Dark & Spicy Chocolate CRÈME BRULEE. (I didn't get a pic tho.) It did not disappoint!! A stand out of the night for me- along with the bisque and the scallop. Delicious barely describes it!

This picture makes me laugh! Eric and Terrence's faces say it all! I did say it was a fancy meal so... ha ha ha! I took a picture of the bill (the total for our table of 7) but I don't want to shock anyone so that will be my private picture! Ha!
Just outside the restaurant we got a guy to take a group picture of us! We had a fun night being all dressed up and fancy. Ha!
Back at the house........ seconds before the magical hour of midnight....
And now it is midnight! Whoop!
We carried on the night with games, karaoke and general merriment!
Happy 2012, everyone!

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Stephanie T said...

What a fun New Year's. The food looks divine. I'm going to have to visit that restaurant sometime! I love seeing the pictures of the food and I doubt we ever would have gone if you hadn't posted pictures.
Hope you have a wonderful year!