Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This year again, with the help of some shopping queen friends (Nicki and Michelle) and my fabulous bunco ladies, we were able to "adopt" 29 kids for Christmas through Trinity CDC. It took a gazillion rolls of wrapping paper and tape but we got it done! So amazing!!

On delivery day, we had each kid wrapped and bagged for easier delivery. Bigger packages were not bagged so we didn't have to do too much bag repair- see Clark below. For the record, each kid had 6 or 7 presents a piece.
 It took 2 vans and 2 suvs to get it all loaded up.
Michelle, Monica, Cathie, Kristy, Ed and I plus our kids were on hand for the delivery day.
 Once at Trinity, we got a special surprise. The kids were in chapel and we got to join in singing and dancing with them.
 The amazing Gloria!!
 What a nice treat for us! Once Chapel was over, we got all the bags and boxes unloaded. It is a special sight, seeing all those presents in one place. It is a special feeling knowing you were involved in providing presents for kids that would have likely gone without on Christmas morning.

We all gathered at Amaya's Taco Village for a celebration lunch. We deserved it!

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