Monday, December 31, 2012

Family Xmas Gathering

For our family gathering, Ed and I arranged for a private room at Cannoli Joe's in South Austin on a Monday night (December 17th). This was the only night Trina and Phillip could meet so we jumped on it. Plus no one had to cook or clean- win, win! And of course, we got to enjoy delicious Italian food!

These are pictures Laurie took. For some reason, they are super low resolution and I can not make them any bigger than this with out them turning to fuzz. While I see about getting higher resolution copies, these will have to do.
 Wayne & Lally
 Trina & Phillip
 Ed & Clark
 Mom & Roger
 Laurie & O'ma
Dane & Mason
Laurie & John
Lisa & Ed
(Please note that I am all flushed from illness and not from partaking of too much Italian wine!)
 The kids with O'ma

BMX Stunt Rider

Mason has been spending as much time as possible at the Northeast Metro Skate & Bike Park. He especially enjoys doing BMX biking there. One particular Saturday, he was "doing his thing" when a man, who was there with his young son, approached him. Turns out this man was a professional photographer. He asked Mason if he could shoot pics of him doing the tricks. Mason said yes. Kindly, the man emailed the great pictures to us. Check them out!

 As you can see by the bloody knees, Mason rides hard. And he loves it! 
This picture below is Mason's favorite of the 14 shots the man emailed us.
 Part 2: Two hours after the pictures were taken, Mason had a big biking accident. He ended up immediately going for minor emergency care. Initially, we thought he had a broken left hand and broken right elbow. After x-rays and an orthopedic specialist visit two days later, we were delighted to learn that other than cuts, bruising, and minor pain, Mason had only broken his pinkie finger on his left hand.
Currently, he is biting at the chomp to get back to the park. Ed and I are less than. We will see what the New Year brings for our adventurous bike loving boy.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Bingo

The 3rd Annual Limbaugh Christmas Bingo was a hit! So much so that no one grabbed the camera until it was over and the kids had started making their eatable holiday craft! If we had taken game pictures, you would have seen the adults taking turns "calling" and all the kids winning 3 fabulous prizes each!

Here is the eatable craft portion of the event! (Upon proofing, I realized that neither Clark nor Dane are in any of the pictures even though they played Bingo! Humpf! Mason was getting X-Rays, but that is another post for another time... coming soon!)
 Fancy girls!
A great Limbaugh tradition and fun, fun, fun!

Guitar Recital

Mason had his winter guitar recital at the Pflugerville School of Rock's new studio. (A very nice studio, indeed.) This year, Mason's choice of song was "Oh, Love," by Green Day. He sang and played, even making up an occasional lyric here and there! Ha!

Here is Mason with the music school back up band. Todd, the school owner on bass, a percussion teacher on drums, and Mason's own guitar teacher, Matt on accompanying guitar.
 Mason and Matt after a great performance!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Night of Christmas Music

Thursday, Dec 13th, was a night of Christmas Music! 

First up was Dane with the HPES Bulldog Honor Choir.
Dane is on the back row, 3 kids from the left end.
Here is a short snippet of one of the songs.
 The Bulldog Honor Choir, under the direction of Ms. Stone.Katelyn, Kimoni, Genesis, Dane, and Deonte
After Dane was finished, we raced over to Hendrickson for Mason and the Hawk Band's Winter Concert.
Here is a snippet of a song called, A Longford Legend.

What a wonderful musical way to start off the holidays!

Ice Skating Scene

We finally built a scene around the 5 Limbaugh ice skaters that Olivia Cantu made for us two years ago. We have had the skaters out every year but this year we added twinkling lights to the pond for movement and a mountain range for the background. It looks so great!!  We have had compliment after compliment! Just had to share!
 Wonder what we will add to the scene next year. Anyone have any ideas?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Xmas Piano Recital

Tonight was Dane's Christmas Piano Recital held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pflugerville. Complete with festive hat and tie, Dane was ready to go!

 But first, his "Bay Watch" moves... ha!
Here the beginning of Dane's performance of, The Chipmunk Song.

 After the recital was over, there was a lovely refreshment table from which families could graze. Dane turned into Cookie Monster, trying to get a bite out of Grandad's cookie on his way out!
 Dane poses with his wonderful piano teacher, Mrs. Kesselring.
It was a nice night of Christmas music!