Saturday, September 29, 2012

UNT T-bones

Here are a couple of pictures of the UNT Trombone section for 2012-2013. I totally swiped them off of Face Book!

Below you can see Clark on the far right. He said he rushed over and barely made it in time for the picture that was taken in early September.
Clark is smack dab in the center of this picture wearing a green t-shirt. Someone on FB commented that they were section of the week! Congrats T-bones! Apparently they called themselves the Chop-A-Ho Tribe, hence the body paint.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UNT Green Brigade

This past weekend Ed, Mason, Dane, and I drove to Denton, Texas to watch a football game, and more importantly, a marching show performed by UNT Green Brigade and Clark! Inside of the Apogee Stadium, we find....
....Clark!!!! Our very favorite UNT trombonist!
 Sure, there was other things going on like a football game,
 cheer leading,
 and even a bad injury,
 but we hardly noticed cause we were there to see the band!
 Ed snuck over to the band side of the stadium to shoot this next series of pics. Love them!!
Busted! Ha!
While we waited for the half time show to begin, we had popcorn and drinks.
 Even bought a few spirit items! Beware of the eagle claw!
 At last! Half time! 
Clark and band members take the field!
 These next pictures are all from the marching show.
 My favorite! Thank goodness for telephoto lenses!
Great show Green Brigade!
 A little more spirit- fun with pom-poms!
 A quick photo of Dane with the mighty eagle himself!
 After the game we met up with Clark for a late dinner at Bram's.

The next morning, we picked up Clark and did some necessity shopping. We met his roommate, Colton, cleaned up his dorm room (P.U!), had lunch at a noodle house on the square, washed Clark's car, then said our goodbye's. 
One last picture of the brothers outside of Clark's dorm.
It was so great to visit Clark. We can see that he is thriving, making friends, getting school work done on time, and enjoying the things that campus life has to offer. We couldn't ask for more! We are so proud of Mighty Green Clark!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mum Making Class

I ended up holding a mum making class for a few ladies, in my home. It was fun to teach these (non- native Texas) ladies the Texas tradition of Homecoming Mums. Jessica even brought her two mums, that I had made for her the past two years, as examples. And luckily, Christie and Kayla gave us their left over mum making items to share with the ladies. They didn't buy enough ribbon and embellishments so they were able to use from the hand me down items. :-) 

 The glue guns were a'smokin'!
 Nicely glittered mums.
 The crafty items needed to make a beautiful mum.
 And the thrilled girls that got the mums!
Great work ladies!!!

For more detailed mum making instructions check out my posting by clicking HERE.

Monday, September 17, 2012

PTO Board

Just thought I would share this funny picture  of the HPES 2011-2012 PTO Board. I took it with my tripod and timer. So fun!!
(In case you couldn't tell, this year's theme is beach.)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lego Kidfest

When we first heard about the Lego Kid fest coming to Austin, we bought our tickets immediately. Good thing. As you can see below, they sold out in all the sessions! Dane, Anthony and Dana were very happy to have a ticket for this exciting event!

First thing in the door, the boys stop in the Mono-Color Zone. 
Lots of blue in that zone!
They added their work to the display stands in the middle of the zone.
This cool zone was a map of the USA. After the kids (and some adults) finished their multi colored creation, they handed it over to a zone worker who would put it anywhere on the map that the builder wished.
Dana had her creation ready to go into the giant map!
Anthony and Dane work on their pieces.
It is beginning to fill up!
The kids headed to the Big Pile of Bricks Zone next. It is literally a big pile of Legos on the floor!
When do you ever get to sit on a big pile of Legos?
Dane said, "This is fun but my butt really hurts!"
Kennedy and Sharky were in the middle of the pile too!
Buried in Legos!
This picture makes me laugh. Anthony was buried in Legos and his friends around him keep on building like it was an every day occurrence! ha!
Okay, this was way cooool! To enter your name in a raffle drawing, you place your entry form on the Lego conveyer bridge and watch it move down the conveyer belt. When the entry form hits the end of the line, it slides right into the entry box.
Cool, right?
Next stop- Ninjago Zone!
We had some fierce Ninjago battles between moms and kids!
In the City Zone, Dane built a sword. We had to take this picture fast least he strike us down!
Anthony added his creation to the display case.
The boys decided to participate in a contest for bridge building. They were put on a team with 5 other boys. The competing teams had all the blocks they could use, 3 mins on the clock, and a black board to use as a template for size. The challenge? Which bridge can hold the most weight.

Below they are talking strategy.
All teams put hands on heads as "Lego Mike" counted down the start of the 3 minutes.
Ready, set, go!

This video is from my phone. It is 6 mins long. We are working to make it clearer but the transfer over to the blog makes a focused video become blurry. Hopefully, we will have that fixed soon.  Watch as the boy's bridge gets tested for strength. Watch and listen as the boy's bridge ties and then beats the Texas record!

Photo moment the boy's bridge ties the 60 lbs Texas record!
Photo moment as the boy's bridge sets the new Texas record of 90lbs!
High fives for the team of the new Texas record!
A little play time at a Sponge Bob scene perfect for photo ops!
In the Challenge Zone, Anthony, Dane and another boy work fast to build something from Star Wars, hence the challenge.
Dana tried the Challenge Zone too!
Everyone that participated in the challenge got a Ninjago as a prize.
We ended the fun in the Model . It is really something to see the life size models in person. Amazing!
High fives from a Master Builder! Cool!
The kids had a blast, and came home with cool Lego prizes!