Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Clark in Detroit

While spending a couple of weeks in Michigan for work with one of my company's partners, I arranged for Clark to fly up to stay the intervening weekend with me, August 4-5, 2012.  We decided we'd spend at least one day touring The Henry Ford museum in Deerborn Park (not to be confused with Detroit -- they're sure to let you know that!).  

We were especially fortunate to get to tour both a working factory (the Rouge Plant where some F150 trucks are built) as well as the museum and the outdoor heritage park.  What a fantastic time.  I didn't include all the pictures we took because that would fill up pages.  It was a very, very memorable trip.  

Clark pauses in front of the museum.  It was packed that day!
The showcase of classic cars at the Ford Factory Tour.  
 Henry Ford with his son.  James, I think, but don't quote me.
 A replica of the first car that Henry Ford built.
 A cut-away of a Model T engine.
Ford Museum proctors riding  one of the hopped-up bicycles of the age.
 It's tricky to mount.  First, get a running start.
 Leap up on the seat.
 Then pedal away like you knew what you were doing all along!
 Model T's roaming the grounds, fairing folks here and there to see the park.
 My personal favorite:  a replica of Thomas Edison's workshop.
 Clark is soaking up the inspiration.  The perfect place for a soon-to-be college engineering student.
 Inside Edison's shop:  pulleys, pulleys, everywhere.
 Replicas of Edison's first lighting system.
 And a working tin-foil phonograph, just like Tom built!
 Outside the lab, we took in a historic baseball game from the early 1900's.
 Batter up!  The team in the field wore no gloves.  Bare-handed catches.
 We listened in as actors retold slave stories from a reconstructed cotton plantation house.  Fascinating.
 Clark on the Quad.  "Dad, what are you doing?"  "Just taking your picture for posterity, son.  Someday you can tell people, 'Henry Ford inspired my next invention!' "
 A 40-ton train turntable so perfectly balanced that a kid could spin it!  The train attendant said one person could spin it even with a 60-ton train on the turn table.  Amazing!
 Inside, a steam train was being rebuilt.  Notice the workman welding INSIDE the boiler.  Wow!

 We had an absolutely fantastic weekend.  We even saw The Great Lakes!  More to come about that, but going to the Henry Ford was amazing.  I'd encourage everyone to go see it for yourselves!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Lou's

What to do with with tired and hungry kids after a visit to the zoo? Take them to
If you think the plates are big, wait till you see the pizza!!
Yes, it really is that BIG! It's a 37 inch pizza! Really!!
 Huge, right? And we didn't even order the biggest one they offer, the 42 inch pizza!
 One slice fills the long tin plates!
What a fun place! Luckily it is more than a novelty, it's delicious pizza! Of course, the kids all want to go back ASAP. Too bad it's a 2 hour drive to get there. This will have to be a special occasion kind of place.

San Antonio Zoo

In the middle of July we made a trip down to San Antonio to spend some time at the zoo. Below the kids all posed on the  large lion statue just inside the doors.

We saw lots of animal though not all are easy to photograph due to fences and distance.
 Clark, Mason, and Jessica check out some gators.
We bought nectar for the Lorakeets.  The are so beautifully colored! 
Below are some of my favorite pictures of the Lorakeet feeding.
 More animas!
 An underwater hippo shot!
The silly kid enclosure! Somebody needs to train those wild animals!! Ha!
We got rained on during our visit but we were able to pop into the dingo exhibit to stay dry. There wasn't much help from the humidity though. With the threat of more rain in the air, we high-tailed it out to the cars. It was fun while it lasted!