Monday, December 31, 2012

Family Xmas Gathering

For our family gathering, Ed and I arranged for a private room at Cannoli Joe's in South Austin on a Monday night (December 17th). This was the only night Trina and Phillip could meet so we jumped on it. Plus no one had to cook or clean- win, win! And of course, we got to enjoy delicious Italian food!

These are pictures Laurie took. For some reason, they are super low resolution and I can not make them any bigger than this with out them turning to fuzz. While I see about getting higher resolution copies, these will have to do.
 Wayne & Lally
 Trina & Phillip
 Ed & Clark
 Mom & Roger
 Laurie & O'ma
Dane & Mason
Laurie & John
Lisa & Ed
(Please note that I am all flushed from illness and not from partaking of too much Italian wine!)
 The kids with O'ma

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