Monday, December 31, 2012

BMX Stunt Rider

Mason has been spending as much time as possible at the Northeast Metro Skate & Bike Park. He especially enjoys doing BMX biking there. One particular Saturday, he was "doing his thing" when a man, who was there with his young son, approached him. Turns out this man was a professional photographer. He asked Mason if he could shoot pics of him doing the tricks. Mason said yes. Kindly, the man emailed the great pictures to us. Check them out!

 As you can see by the bloody knees, Mason rides hard. And he loves it! 
This picture below is Mason's favorite of the 14 shots the man emailed us.
 Part 2: Two hours after the pictures were taken, Mason had a big biking accident. He ended up immediately going for minor emergency care. Initially, we thought he had a broken left hand and broken right elbow. After x-rays and an orthopedic specialist visit two days later, we were delighted to learn that other than cuts, bruising, and minor pain, Mason had only broken his pinkie finger on his left hand.
Currently, he is biting at the chomp to get back to the park. Ed and I are less than. We will see what the New Year brings for our adventurous bike loving boy.

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