Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Food School Event

Once again, the HPES PTO held a Halloween Hospitality event in the library after school for the HPES staff. Chalked full of savory and sweet spooky foods, there was more then plenty for all!

 Back by popular request, I made a "pukin' pumpkin." But instead of guacamole, this guy was pukin' roasted garlic hummus with black olive spiders.
 I also took "mummy knuckles" that were my delicious spinach bacon roll ups. Behind them, in the polka dotted bowl is my Double Dill Dip. And somewhere in an owl bowl is Lally's broccoli salad. That bowl was scrapped clean!
 This event is one of the favorites the staff looks forward to every year. Spooky, delicious, and fun!

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