Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UNT Green Brigade

This past weekend Ed, Mason, Dane, and I drove to Denton, Texas to watch a football game, and more importantly, a marching show performed by UNT Green Brigade and Clark! Inside of the Apogee Stadium, we find....
....Clark!!!! Our very favorite UNT trombonist!
 Sure, there was other things going on like a football game,
 cheer leading,
 and even a bad injury,
 but we hardly noticed cause we were there to see the band!
 Ed snuck over to the band side of the stadium to shoot this next series of pics. Love them!!
Busted! Ha!
While we waited for the half time show to begin, we had popcorn and drinks.
 Even bought a few spirit items! Beware of the eagle claw!
 At last! Half time! 
Clark and band members take the field!
 These next pictures are all from the marching show.
 My favorite! Thank goodness for telephoto lenses!
Great show Green Brigade!
 A little more spirit- fun with pom-poms!
 A quick photo of Dane with the mighty eagle himself!
 After the game we met up with Clark for a late dinner at Bram's.

The next morning, we picked up Clark and did some necessity shopping. We met his roommate, Colton, cleaned up his dorm room (P.U!), had lunch at a noodle house on the square, washed Clark's car, then said our goodbye's. 
One last picture of the brothers outside of Clark's dorm.
It was so great to visit Clark. We can see that he is thriving, making friends, getting school work done on time, and enjoying the things that campus life has to offer. We couldn't ask for more! We are so proud of Mighty Green Clark!

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