Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mum Making Class

I ended up holding a mum making class for a few ladies, in my home. It was fun to teach these (non- native Texas) ladies the Texas tradition of Homecoming Mums. Jessica even brought her two mums, that I had made for her the past two years, as examples. And luckily, Christie and Kayla gave us their left over mum making items to share with the ladies. They didn't buy enough ribbon and embellishments so they were able to use from the hand me down items. :-) 

 The glue guns were a'smokin'!
 Nicely glittered mums.
 The crafty items needed to make a beautiful mum.
 And the thrilled girls that got the mums!
Great work ladies!!!

For more detailed mum making instructions check out my posting by clicking HERE.

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