Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clark moves to UNT

August 21, 2012 was a big day for Clark; it was move into Honor's Hall Dorm at UNT day! The morning started with some crazy brotherly good-byes. We had packed my van and Clark's car the day before so all we had to do was drive away from Pflugerville, heading North to Denton.

Someone gave Clark a little send off surprise!

 Part if being in Honor's Hall is that the dorm rooms are new and semi private. Two people share a common area that has a small kitchen, living area, and bathroom but they each have their own bedroom with a door to close. It is a nice set up, for sure. Good grades landed Clark in the Honor's program, hence the Honor's Dorm. Good grades each semester will keep him there.
We made it to Denton at 3pm sharp, which was check in time. We began "Operation Unload and Unpack" immediately! Dane helped with both parts of the operation.

 We took Terrence (a former UNT Eagle) and Eric as our muscle since Ed was still in Michigan for work. Thank goodness the muscles were there. We could not have done it without them! They even put together two bookshelves that came with little to no instruction! Can you say major headache??
 "I was looking for this!"
 Clark also has his own vanity and sink area in his room. Thanks to 3M Command Strips, I was able to get the sink area organized and clutter free.
 Looking better with things on the wall.
A book case and desk with lots of school supplies!
 Break time for the hard working!
 We got the kitchen area set up with a micro wave and fridge. If Clark needs to do some serious cooking, he (or any of the other residents) can use the full kitchen that is on the first floor of the dorm. It's an Honor's Hall perk.
 Getting close to saying goodbye before Clark had to run off to a band activity that same night. Turned out to be a good thing. There wasn't time for more than a few tears and a big hug!
 Thanks again to the muscles! They worked up a sweat!
 Ed and I feel like Clark is exactly where he is supposed to be. We are impressed with UNT thus far. We are so excited about Clark's education and college life experiences! Go Mean Green Eagles!

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