Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clark almost escapes to Canda!

Before we left Michigan, Clark and I considered a dash to Canada just to see what it might be like in the land of frozen snow.  We stood on the Detroit shore and looked across to a different country.  Off in the distance, you can see the Bridge to Canada.
Clark poses in front of the Detroit River.  Across the way you can see the casinos in Windsor, Canada.
A monument marker at the park showing the great lakes.
From the park along the river we could see the General Motors headquarters.  Great building, right in the heart of downtown Detroit.
We zipped around Detroit a little while.  It's surprisingly vibrant.  Consider, for example, the art work on the side of this building.
Clark is famous!  They named an entire street after him!
And a store! Wow!  Even before he starts college, he's already successful.  I knew he had it in him! Ha.
Before leaving Michigan, we had to stop by at least ONE of the Great Lakes.  Lake Erie was nearest -- but we found it close to the town of Port Huron!  Talk about screwed up names.  Ha.  Even so, we made it to the great waters of Lake Erie.
And then we joined the great waters of Lake Erie as brothers by adding our own water.  We are one with Nature now.
Clark, in his University of North Texas shirt, gives the Eagle Claw!  Go, Eagles!
The lake side at Lake Erie is just beautiful.  I could live there.  Very peaceful.
Just a couple of interesting shots of Clark as we drove along the lake.
Back in Ypsilanti at the SideTrack Cafe, Clark enjoyed a burger with macaroni-and-cheese on it.  I was completely disgusted, but he loved it.  Mason was envious that he didn't get one!
We had a great time in Michigan.  Very, very glad that Clark came to spend the weekend with me and that we got to see as much as we did.

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