Monday, August 13, 2012

San Antonio Zoo

In the middle of July we made a trip down to San Antonio to spend some time at the zoo. Below the kids all posed on the  large lion statue just inside the doors.

We saw lots of animal though not all are easy to photograph due to fences and distance.
 Clark, Mason, and Jessica check out some gators.
We bought nectar for the Lorakeets.  The are so beautifully colored! 
Below are some of my favorite pictures of the Lorakeet feeding.
 More animas!
 An underwater hippo shot!
The silly kid enclosure! Somebody needs to train those wild animals!! Ha!
We got rained on during our visit but we were able to pop into the dingo exhibit to stay dry. There wasn't much help from the humidity though. With the threat of more rain in the air, we high-tailed it out to the cars. It was fun while it lasted!

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